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Use and stroke adjustment operation of film curler in shed
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In general, what kind of place is the main place where the film is easy to be damaged in the process of using the film curler? In the process of using the shed, the part which is located at the deep buried place between the expanded skeleton and the ground is quite easy to be damaged. Mainly because of the long-term contact with the soil and the long-term sunlight, the corrosion of the greenhouse insulation film is quite serious. There is also friction plus too tight pressure of film pressing rope. In windy weather, there will be up and down agitation of the film, so that the film and film pressing rope will have strong friction, and the damage to the film is quite serious.

Therefore, in the daily production of greenhouse, we should pay more attention to the parts that are easy to cause friction damage, so as to avoid the damage of greenhouse membrane.

In the current production process of vegetable greenhouses, the use of greenhouses roll film device can be said to play a very important role in the operation. This kind of film curler belongs to the roll system, which is also widely used in printing, textile, chemical industry, packaging and other related industries. It has become one of the more traditional and large-scale industries.

In general, there are quite strict requirements for the linear speed of the film winder in the use of the film winder in the shed, but although there are strict requirements in this respect, the winding speed of the film winder will change quite complicatedly in the use process. Therefore, in order to ensure the good and constant film rolling speed of the film rolling equipment in the shed, it is necessary to carry out technical innovation on the selling speed of the traditional film rolling equipment in the shed, and upgrade the traditional control system. This system has a relatively complex situation at the beginning of the design, and the later maintenance is also quite difficult. The operation or Debugging is very difficult, this system is often used in a large number of production costs, more and more unable to adapt to the pace of development of today's society.

Use of film curler in shed

1. The power supply of the membrane winder shall be 24V DC special power supply or 24V battery. The voltage shall be well controlled.

2. The power supply shall be equipped with positive and negative reversing switch.

3. Before the membrane winder works, the power reversing switch shall be in the "stop" position.

The film curler in the shed is a new product with high efficiency and use. Now it has been widely used by people. We should remind the consumers that there are several points that need special attention when using the film curler in the shed.

1. The user shall note that the film curler of the shed shall be used according to the standard and selected according to the width, length and other standards of the shed, and pay attention not to overload or full load.

2. In case of rain and snow, the film rolling machine in the shed shall be used before rain and snow, and ice shall be prevented from damaging the equipment at all times in winter.

3. Some users will worry that the lubricating oil of the film winder in the shed has been used up, so they will fill the lubricating oil by themselves to increase the lubricating effect. In fact, this worry is redundant, because the lubricating oil quantity of the lubricator is sufficient at the factory, so they do not need to fill it by themselves.

4. Before using the film winder in the shed, check whether there is deviation between the vertical pole and the roll pole of the film winder in the shed. If any abnormality is found, adjust it in time to ensure its normal operation.

5. n case of any failure in the use of the film wrapper in the shed, the failure shall be solved with the assistance of personnel or agent company, and blind operation shall be avoided, which not only fails to solve the current problem but also aggravates the failure.

Operating instructions for stroke adjustment of electric film reeler:

1. oosen the locking screws on the two stroke adjusting buttons of the electric film winder, and turn the stroke adjusting button so that the two toothed ring bosses are not pressed on the contact of the microswitch. Pull the reversing switch of the power supply, and the electric film winder starts to work. At this time, confirm the positions of "film rolling direction" and "film releasing direction" of the reversing switch of the power supply.

2. Place the power reversing switch in the "film rolling direction" position, and turn any stroke adjusting knob by hand, so that the toothed ring boss presses the contact of the microswitch (clicking sound can be felt). At this time, if the electric film winder motor stops rotating, this adjusting knob is used to adjust the stroke in the "film rolling" direction. If the motor does not stop rotating, another adjusting button is used to adjust the travel in the direction of "rolling film".

3. Place the power reversing switch in the "film rolling direction" position, rotate the "film rolling direction" stroke adjusting knob by hand to adjust the film rolling stroke, and gently pull up the knob after confirming the film rolling stroke. Place the power supply at the "film release direction" position, rotate the stroke adjusting knob of "film release direction" by hand to adjust the film release stroke, and gently pull up the knob after confirming the film release stroke.

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