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Operation method and key steps of electric film reeler
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The electric film curler is easy to use and labor saving. It is very popular with greenhouse growers. But do you know the common sense of the installation of the electric film winder? How many steps do you know about the installation of the electric film winder? Therefore, introduce the use of the electric film winder.

First, I would like to introduce the electric film rolling machine, which is mainly used for film rolling in the shed.

There are several different models of power supply for electric film reeler, one for one, one for two, one for four. These are conventional products, which should be customized if necessary.

When we check the quality of the electric membrane winder, it is the shell first, because it is related to the overall load-bearing capacity, so the aluminum magnesium alloy raw materials selected by our factory, although the cost of the products increases, but the quality has reached a higher level and won the trust of many customers.

When checking the quality of the equipment again, it is not enough to just have a bright shell. The gear, the soul part of the equipment, plays an important role. Our factory has introduced a number of numerical control processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of the gear. In terms of materials, the steel processing we selected will make you feel more comfortable.

Because it is to be installed on the outside of the shed and exposed to the wind and sun for a long time, the painting on the outer layer is very heavy. The electrostatic spraying equipment, sunscreen powder and good protective paint adopted by us can ensure that the shell is not corroded by the outside.

Working range of electric film reeler

Frst, the working principle of the side part of the electric film winder is similar to that of the hand-operated film winder. It is also necessary to pretend the climber, which goes up the vertical pole and travels the track of the electric film winder. At the same time, the electric film winder drives the rod to roll up the plastic film. Complete the window work, and the window width can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Then I'll talk about the principle of opening windows on the top of the electric membrane winder. Because the top of the shed is semi-circular, the principle of vertical pole plus climbing device can't be used for opening windows on the top. The principle of the expansion tube should be adopted. The expansion tube draws an arc around the width of the opening window. The function of the expansion tube is to stabilize the film rolling device and adjust the arc radius to ensure the smooth film rolling of the film rolling rod.

It means that the installation of electric membrane winder is divided into side ventilation and top ventilation, side ventilation uses climber, top ventilation uses expansion pipe, it is OK to install the membrane winder and link the membrane winder to the membrane winder rod, it is OK to fix the membrane on the membrane winder rod with fixed membrane card, and the installation of electric membrane winder is successful.

Greenhouse film curler is a new type of greenhouse ventilation equipment imported from South Korea in recent years. This new greenhouse equipment is easy to use and durable. It is welcomed by the majority of users. People have installed the greenhouse film curler.

Why is it so easy to use the film rolling device in the shed? First, the film rolling device in the shed, as the name implies, is a film rolling device that can be driven by electricity. Someone will say that it's not rubbish. It's not rubbish to tell you off. It's true that the film rolling device in the shed is driven by electricity. It's just to emphasize that, because the film rolling device in the shed is driven by electricity, so the film rolling device in the shed can be driven by electricity To achieve automation, he can link the intelligent control device to realize that the temperature reached by the membrane winder will automatically turn on or off.

Some key points and steps to realize the automation of the film curler in the shed.

First of all, to realize the automation of membrane coiler, we need to have supporting equipment to control it. Of course, the temperature control instrument is, how does the temperature control control control the membrane coiler in the shed, First, temperature control, as the name implies, is an instrument for temperature control. We can set the temperature control according to the temperature required by the shed. After setting the temperature control, we can give instructions to the film roller. When the temperature of the shed reaches the temperature that needs to be opened, the temperature control sends an instruction to start the film roller to open the ventilation. When the temperature in the shed reaches the temperature that needs to close the ventilation window, then The temperature control will send out the closing command again, and then the membrane winder will rotate in the opposite direction. Closed the vents in the shed.

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