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Maintenance methods and key points of process specification of film curler in shed
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The maintenance method of the film curler in the shed is divided into side roll and top roll, and the maintenance method is also different. First of all, the maintenance method of measuring roll. After the side roll is correctly installed and exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to be injured that the shaft is lack of oil. This is to pay attention to inject grease into the shaft of the membrane winder for lubrication every other period of time, which will not cause the abrasion of the outer shell of the membrane winder shaft due to lack of oil. If it is convenient, you can make a simple cover for the membrane winder with iron sheet to reduce wind and rain Corrosion to the film wrapper. The maintenance of the top roll is basically the same as that of the side roll. The difference is that the top roll has a long operating chain, which is mainly used to prevent rust.

The film reeler shall be filled with antifreeze gear oil, and then it shall be replaced for maintenance once a year. In the process of installation and use, it is necessary to frequently check whether the screws of the host machine and its connections are loose, and whether the welds are broken or open. After each use, the main power outside the shed shall be cut off in time. Connect a knife switch near the control switch. After the roll film machine is started, it shall not be close to the vertical pole and the straw cover of the roll film, and someone shall keep by the power switch or hold the remote control.

In the process of installation of membrane winder, the first thing to know is whether the top roll or the side roll is installed. Because the continuous cropping obstacle of soil is caused by many reasons, in the daily planting, we should attach great importance to it to avoid the occurrence of the obstacle. At the same time, it is very important to ensure the normal ventilation of the membrane winder. Soil borne diseases usually produce continuous cropping reaction, and crops will continuously provide nutrients for disease microorganisms. In greenhouse environment, it is very suitable for the development of the disease. Usually, opening more film reels in the greenhouse to ventilate can prevent the occurrence of the obstacle, but it is not to cure the problem. If you want to cure it, you need to think of other solutions.

There are some requirements in the selection of film curler in the shed and some specifications in the use. The film curler in the greenhouse adopts technology, with long service life, and is more and more widely used in the greenhouse. As a manufacturer of greenhouse accessories, our factory summarizes the following purchase requirements for your reference.

1. It is necessary to use a suitable film winder and select a film winder of suitable specification according to the specific size of the shed, which can not operate beyond its own load.

2. Three "degrees" should be considered, that is, length, width and camber of the shed.

3. According to the standard parts, according to the weight of the roll film to equip the parts, to prevent the unreasonable use of the rod.

4. The bolts play an important role in fixing the machine, so we should pay attention to the bolts of the machine.

5. Three "rods", the strut plays a supporting role, considering its supporting strength; the push rod plays a role in pushing the roll film, how much is the pushing strength; the roll rod plays a role in rolling the film, considering the speed and strength of the roll film.

Winter is not suitable for planting vegetables. The emergence of greenhouses provides the possibility for people to plant fresh vegetables. The straw curtain and cotton curtain in the shed provide enough temperature for the vegetables. The electric film rolling device helps the vegetable farmers lift the straw curtain at will to provide suitable light for the vegetables.

When planting vegetables in winter with low temperature, vegetable farmers use straw curtains and cotton curtains to ensure the temperature in the shed, so as to reach the temperature required for the growth of vegetables. It's just that vegetables don't only need temperature and water to grow. They also have sunlight. It's sunny in the winter in the north, so the vegetable farmers can open the straw curtain to let the vegetables receive the sunshine. At this time, the electric film roller that can lift and lower the straw curtain at will becomes a good helper for the vegetable farmers.

The electric film rolling machine can easily and quickly roll up the straw curtain and the cotton curtain on the shed, without consuming a lot of time and manpower, and without worrying about the damage of the plastic film on the shed. Therefore, if you are engaged in greenhouse vegetable planting, or intend to engage in this work, you need to prepare an electric film curler, which is a good helper for your work.

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